Beginner’s guide to Lemon Jelly

The slightly loopy London-based electronic duo Lemon Jelly may have been worryingly quiet in the last decade or so, but the three albums they released have a lot in common – including beautiful packaging and exceptionally good music.

Key moments

Unless you know the Spaced soundtrack back-to-front you’ll most likely know them for singing, “All the ducks are swimming in the water,” on Nice Weather for Ducks.

Where to start

There are only really three albums to pick from, so you should definitely start with the essential Lost Horizons (2002), and experience them at their slightly crazy best.

What to buy

Once you’ve fully digested Lost Horizons, delve into their early back catalogue with, the 2000 compilation of tracks from their first three EPs. Finally, move on to the fantastic ’64-’95 (2005).

Don’t bother with

The singles – for the most part. There are a few nice moments and some immaculate packaging, but by and large the albums will have everything you need.

Hidden treasure

Nothing that springs to mind in particular, but don’t forget to search for the hidden bonus track on ’64-’95.

For stowaways

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