Beginner’s guide to Komputer

If you’ve actually heard of Komputer, it will be most likely in the same sentence as Kraftwerk, but they have a lot more strings to their bow. They’re exactly the same people as I Start Counting and Fortran 5 too, if you fancy some eighties pop or some early nineties dance.

Key moments

They have no major hits to their name, but their tribute to Valentina Tereshkova (1996) is exceptional, as is Looking Down on London (1996). The earlier hits Letters to a Friend (1984) and Persian Blues (1993) are quite unique too.

Where to start

Start with the singles collection Konnecting… (2011) for a good summary of their entire career to date. There will likely be moments that aren’t for you, but there should be plenty that are.

What to buy

The World of Tomorrow (1998) is their one truly essential album – fans of Kraftwerk in particular will find it almost joyful in its familiarity. Then try Synthetik (2007) to hear a slightly more subdued release, and I Start Counting‘s My Translucent Hands (1984) for a fascinating introduction to how it all began.

Don’t bother with

Market Led (2002), which will be a touch too experimental for most people’s ears. The sixty track Konnecting… (B Sides and Rarities) is worth hearing, but the sound quality isn’t great (they’re largely vinyl transfers).

Hidden treasure

Intercom, the title track from their five-track mini-album of the same name (2007), but their truly essential hidden treasure is My Private Train, from one of their many unreleased albums and the exceptional compilation Robopop Vol. 1 (2003).

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