Beginner’s guide to Hot Chip

From out of nowhere, London-based Hot Chip appeared in 2006 and took the singles charts by storm. Now five albums on, and well established as one of the most important electronic pop acts in the world of modern music, they are essential listening. They’re also extremely good live.

Key moments

You might remember them for Ready for the Floor, or Boy from School, or maybe Over and Over. Or One Life Stand, or I Feel Better. Or possibly Night & Day. With an enormous list of quirky singles, they really are very difficult to avoid.

Where to start

Probably make The Warning (2006) your first purchase – it was still early days for them, but they were already making significant waves.

What to buy

Jump forward to their most recent and most consistent album yet, In Our Heads (2012) to hear them at their prime, and then roll back to One Life Stand (2010), by which time you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. You’ll then be ready for their most popular – and ironically their least substantial – album Made in the Dark (2008).

Don’t bother with

Apart from the odd b-side, none of the singles or bonus tracks are really worth tracking down.

Hidden treasure

The debut album Coming on Strong (2004) is largely forgotten, I suspect even by the band, but is a lo-fi and understated masterpiece.

For stowaways

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