Beginner’s guide to The Grid

Partly the dance side-project of Soft Cell member Dave Ball, and partly a groundbreaking trance duo, The Grid have four albums to their name and a whole heap of remixes.

Key moments

You’ll probably remember Texas CowboysSwamp Thing, or maybe even Rollercoaster from the Evolver album. After two relatively low key albums, somehow the third contained pretty much non-stop hits.

Where to start

There’s a comprehensive singles compilation in the shape of Music for Dancing (1995), which is definitely the best place to start.

What to buy

Evolver (1994) is their truly essential album. Follow that up with the debut Electric Head (1990), and then the second album 456 (1992), and you’ll have a pretty solid selection of early 1990s dance pop.

Don’t bother with

The 2008 comeback Doppelgänger is entirely forgettable, and the singles are probably for completists only.

Hidden treasure

Bob Kraushaar‘s single version of A Beat Called Love is brilliant, if you can find a copy.

For stowaways

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