Beginner’s guide to Gotan Project

Gotan Project are most certainly one of the more intriguing acts to turn up in recent years – a French/Argentinian mix who are in the middle bringing tango music into the twenty-first century with a bump. They’re eclectic, strange, and entirely fantastic.

Key moments

Well, they haven’t actually had any hits yet. The best description I can come up with is a modern tango fusion, so if you’re a tango purist you may want to stay clear. When I saw them live one of them walked on wearing a top and tails and starting playing a grand piano, and then a second walked on, also exquisitely dressed, and took to the decks.

Where to start

Start at the beginning with the glorious La Revancha del Tango, and you’ll soon know whether you’re ready for more.

What to buy

Work through the albums in order, with Lunático and Tango 3.0. Then step sideways to the lovely Inspiración Espiración.

Don’t bother with

Any of the singles. The remixes are good, but there are plenty of deluxe versions of the albums available if those are what you’re after. I don’t own any of the live albums, although they are incredible live, so they might well be worth having.

Hidden treasure

The side-steps into hip hop are always entertaining, particularly Mi Confesión on the second album. It’s worth having La Cruz del Sur if you can find a copy too.

For stowaways

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