Beginner’s guide to X-Press 2

The deep house trio X-Press 2 spent most of the 1990s releasing underground one-off singles, and then seemingly appeared from out of nowhere at the beginning of the 21st century with Lazy.

Key moments

That time that Lazy took over the charts from out of nowhere and peaked at number 2, followed by I Want You Back with vocals from Dieter Meier from Yello.

Where to start

Slightly unpredictably, they actually have a greatest hits album, Raise Your Hands – The Greatest Hits (2008). It’s got Lazy on it, so start with that.

What to buy

The greatest hits compilation does not include I Want You Back, so you’ll want to track down their belated debut, the palindromic album Muzikizum (2002). There are two other albums to consider, Makeshift Feelgood (2006) and The House of X-Press 2 (2012).

Don’t bother with

Most of the singles, unless endless remixes are your thing. Their remixes of other acts are largely forgettable too, unfortunately.

Hidden treasure

Way Out West turn up on the Tranz Euro Xpress single with by far the best version.

For stowaways

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