Beginner’s guide to White Town

Jyoti Mishra, or White Town, has been releasing home-made music for over two decades now. You’ll have heard Your Woman (it’s still played occasionally on US radio to this day), but you probably won’t have come across much else. Which is a shame, because his brand of “alternative” pop has yielded a good number of great songs over the years.

Key moments

Hitting the top spot after sending Your Woman around numerous radio stations and hitting it big after BBC Radio 1 took a fancy to it, having a very brief one hit and one flop career, and then deciding that the world of commercial music was not for him, and going solo instead.

Where to start

Start with the single that kicked it all off, the number one >Abort, Retry, Fail?_ EP (1997), with the lead track Your Woman and brilliant b-side Give Me Some Pain.

What to buy

The post-commercial albums are the best – Monopole (2011) is the most consistent of the bunch, and Peek & Poke (2000) has some great moments too. Finally get yourself fully familiarised with his one hit album Women in Technology (1997).

Don’t bother with

The highly political Don’t Mention the War (2006) – roughly half of it is great songs, but the other half may require rather more patience. Stay away from the debut album Socialism, Sexism & Sexuality (1994) until you’re absolutely ready for it.

Hidden treasure

One-off freebie December (2001) is truly excellent, as is the compilation-exclusive Panopticon from Robopop Vol. 1 (2003). Best of all, though, is Vince Clarke‘s remix of Wanted, which you might still be able to find on the promo CD if you search hard enough.

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