Beginner’s guide to Vitalic

If you haven’t come across Vitalic before but like your electronica to be dark and aggressive, or think that this whole “darkwave” thing is pretty exciting, you’re in for a treat. For the last decade, Vitalic have been releasing deep and grimey melodic electronic dance music, and are well worth a listen or three…

Key moments

My Friend Dario from the debut album OK Cowboy – you won’t have heard anything quite like that before. They never really bothered with the charts particularly, but their brand of noisy but melodic electronica is something quite unique.

Where to start

Keep it simples and start at the beginning with OK Cowboy (2005).

What to buy

Work through their back catalogue in order – V Live (2007), Flashmob (2009), and finally Rave Age (2012). You might experience the odd Poney en route (see what I did there?) but there’s also more than enough good quality material to keep you occupied.

Don’t bother with

Vitalic‘s better moments are mainly clustered around the start of their career, so if you start to get bored as you work forward then you could probably call a halt to proceedings.

Hidden treasure

The French double CD version of OK Cowboy features some fun extras, including a live cover version of Warm Leatherette and the new track Candy.

For stowaways


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