Beginner’s guide to Utah Saints

You remember Utah Saints! They had all those hits back in the early 1990s! And then… OK, well they haven’t exactly released much in the last few years, but those first few singles were truly exceptional.

Key moments

Sampling Kate Bush for Something Good, or The Human League for Believe in Me. Utah Saints churned out hit after hit in the early 1990s, but their slightly off-beat style earned them something of a reputation as a bit of a novelty act. The second album started to earn them some brownie points, but then they disappeared again…

Where to start

There are only two albums to choose from, and which you prefer will depend on whether you lean more towards the 1990s or the 2000s. The first contains more hits, but the second is a more complete album.

What to buy

The eponymous Utah Saints (1993) includes all the singles you’ll remember from your childhood, whenever that was, while Two (2000) is an electronic masterpiece. Get both, throw in a few of the early singles, and you’ll have everything you need.

Don’t bother with

Most of the singles from after 1995 – there are a few highlights, but for the most part they’re just a tirade of fairly pointless remixes.

Hidden treasure

The early releases contain a number of key moments. Trance Atlantic Flight, on the b-side of Something Good is particularly good, and the non-album singles I Still Think of You and Ohio are both worth tracking down. Finally the Thunderbolt and Lightning edits of Lost Vagueness are both great.

For stowaways

2 thoughts on “Beginner’s guide to Utah Saints

  1. Something good is such a classic. I actually loved that track when I was young then discovered Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting much later which was a sublime moment. Thanks

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