Beginner’s guide to Télépopmusik

With just two albums to date in nearly fifteen years, Télépopmusik are hardly prolific. Both albums could easily be regarded as chillout classics though, and if you work for an advertising agency then you’ll find much of their output comes in useful.

Key moments

You’ll know Breathe from a million different adverts between 2001 and now, and you might have come across Don’t Look Back as well. They have never made much of a dent on the charts, but they do have a very fine line in laid back electronic pop music.

Where to start

Start with debut Genetic World (2001) and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re working with.

What to buy

Follow Genetic World with the excellent second album Angel Milk (2005). There are then two one-off singles, Ghost Girl (2009) and Try Me Anyway / Fever (2013) to consider, although these may or may not appear on the third album whenever it eventually turns up. The 2003 compilation The Catalogue of Télépopmusik features a selection of their favourite music by other artists, and may be of interest.

Don’t bother with

Try Me Anyway / Fever was largely disappointing. Some of the singles contain good remixes, but by and large you could probably miss them.

Hidden treasure

Jori Hulkkonen‘s brilliant remix of Breathe on various formats of the original single is essential listening.

For stowaways

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