Second anniversary of stowaways

Today is the second anniversary of this blog! With a new post pretty much every day (except for a couple where I got confused with the scheduling), that makes a grand total of 719 posts. Of course, they’re largely drivel, but it’s kept me entertained for the last couple of years, and hopefully you have too.

The tone of which might suggest that things are changing, and yes, they probably will have to quite soon – I’m relocating in a few weeks time, and I suspect I’ll have rather less time for this once I’m on the ground again. So daily posts might well have to give way to occasional posts (which might well mean a noticeable increase in quality, as I’ll probably only post when I’ve actually got something to say!)

But nothing will change for the next month or two, so for now I thought we might enjoy my favourite track right now, from Röyksopp with Robyn:

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