Ray Dolby

It seemed to go largely unreported at the time, but last month saw the sad death of Ray Dolby, the audio pioneer who invented Dolby Noise Reduction (which over a quarter of a century would evolve into Dolby A, B, FM, C, SR, S, and HX Pro) for cassettes and film. His company, Dolby Laboratories, would go on to develop various surround sound systems; the AAC audio format used by iTunes; and various other ridiculously clever acoustic techniques.

In memory of the man who will go down in history as having reduced hiss, there’s really only one thing I can share with you – from his album The Dolby Decades, this is John Shuttleworth with the brilliant I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now:

Now, if Dolby ever get round to developing a VST plug-in of their original noise reduction technologies, we’ll all be happy.

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