August 2013 for stowaways

Well it’s not even August yet, and already it’s time to prepare ourselves for what’s coming up. This month brings all sorts of exciting stuff, including:

  • Reviews of recent releases from VCMGDeath in Vegas and Kevin Pearce
  • Anniversaries of great oldies from KraftwerkBTDepeche Mode, and others, with a huge bunch of bonus oldies to follow in early September
  • Another exciting Playlist for stowaways, and all the usual live highlights, previews, charts, and everything else

One thing worth mentioning – you have now seen the last of the Friday freebies. When I started this blog just over a year ago, I was amazed to find that there was quite so much legal free stuff hanging out on the internet, just waiting to be downloaded. You didn’t agree though – of the 42 freebies I’ve shared with you, just a handful have ever been clicked on. That’s OK – as of this month I’ll be sharing a series of videos instead each month, starting in August with five oldies from out of the olden days!


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