Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream

You may not have come across them before, but the curiously named Keep Shelly in Athens are a Greek two-piece at the forefront of what cool people like to cool “chillwave”. Our Own Dream was the second of three EPs to date, but as always I’m a bit behind so that’s what we’ll look at today.

Lazy Noon is the first track, washing in with the sound of waves breaking on the shoreline, and building into a gentle chilled out track with plenty in common with the likes of Air and Zero 7. It’s soft, beautiful, and really a rather excellent track.

Second is the title track Our Own Dream, still very soft, but this time with a slightly harsher, more electronic edge, plodding on rather wonderfully like some kind of musical elephant. The middle section, where it arrives, is a total triumph.

The third track is a remix, not of Keep Shelly in Athens, but by them, remixing a track called California Birds by ABADABAD. It lacks the abstract beauty of the first couple of tracks, but it’s still pretty strong. A seeming trademark of throwing the whole thing into disarray at the end of the track is particularly noticeable on this one, ending as it does with what sounds like a nasty bit of skipping.

Apparently their name comes from a mispronunciation of a district in Athens, and they gathered a bit of a cult following thanks to the internet a couple of years ago. I was lucky enough to see them live last year too, and they were really very good indeed.

Track four is a piano-sample-driven track entitled DIY, which throbs along very nicely, but it’s Fairytale which really grabs your attention with its somewhat electro-Tomorrow’s World introduction and enormous snares. The vocal is particularly beautiful on this one, although as with many artists of this kind it’s buried well amongst the music, so you’d be hard pushed to work out what she’s singing about.

For the final track you get two for the price of one, the pairing of The Rogue Superhero and Ready to Pay the Price. Together, they make for a great pop track, opening with some hip hop scratching, and building into the much harsher guitar-driven second track towards the end.

If you’ve got 25 minutes to spare, listening to Our Own Dream is a very pleasant way to spend it. Browse the band’s back catalogue on iTunes and make your own mind up – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Our Own Dream EP can be found on iTunes here.

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