Live – May 2013

Here are your highlights for the merrye month of May:


Kicking off their tour next month with festivals in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Glastonbury in the UK, as well as a one-off date in Berlin.

Full list of dates at Songkick

The Prodigy

Just a very long list of festivals in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Hungary, Belgium and the UK, but they’re probably worth catching if you can.

Full list of dates at Songkick

Basement Jaxx

We seem to be concentrating on festival dates by acts out of the 1990s, so here’s another. The Jaxx (as I call them) can be found in Scotland, Croatia, Turkey, and England, with some one-off dates in London and Belfast.

Full list of dates at Songkick


Not so much touring as doing short residencies in California, followed by festivals in Tennessee, Ottawa, Ontario, Illinois, Japan, Taiwan, Ireland, and Germany.

Full list of dates at Songkick

Heaven 17

Appearing for a one-off in, of all places, Holmfirth, followed by a festival near London in August, and you also almost missed them in Sheffield and London with their B.E.F. hats on, but those dates have just been pushed back to October.

Full lists of dates at Songkick here and here

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