Countdown to Eurovision – Love City Groove

Britain has an odd relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest. We hate the politics of it all, but we vote just as politically as everyone else. Somehow we think we’re better than it all, but we still want to win. We laugh at how cheesy everybody else’s entries are, and then we submit total rubbish ourselves.

1995 was a case in point. Someone decided that Britain needed to update the song contest by putting in rubbish pop/rap tracks, and so they put together a group called Love City Groove to perform a track called, um, Love City Groove. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t great, although it actually did pretty well, coming in seventh place.

The band’s creator Stephen Rudden went on to work on U Krazy Katz for PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec – remember them?); tried again for Eurovision a couple of years later; and did some other bits and bobs, and hasn’t done a huge amount in the public eye since. To remind ourselves of just how bad it was, here it is in its full glory:

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