Playlist for stowaways – Pilot

It snuck out there slightly, as I hadn’t realised it would go live immediately, but this is the first ever Playlist for stowaways. MFS001 is called Pilot, and can be found at Mixcloud:

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Margaret Berger – Pretty Things in Life
  2. Deep Forest – Yuki Song (Remix)
  3. Moist feat. Maria Marcus – Not Alone
  4. The Future Sound of London – Eggshell
  5. Erasure – Rock Me Gently (Bamboo)
  6. Oi Va Voi – S’Brent
  7. Little Boots – Hearts Collide
  8. Moby – Pale Horses

There’s no theme, and no frills. Just thirty minutes of great music.

And there will be more in a month or so. Please send your feedback my way!

2 thoughts on “Playlist for stowaways – Pilot

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