Why Music for stowaways?

Time for a bit of general housekeeping, and some background on why I chose this name. It’s fairly simple, actually: nobody had it yet.

I used to do a radio show called Music for the Masses, actually in two different forms: a mid-morning daytime show on Aberystwyth’s student radio station Bay Radio back in 2001, and then a late night (and subsequently early evening) electronic music show for Leeds’s LSR in 2004. It was a brilliantly pretentious name for a show, which seemed to say everything I needed it to say.

After literally years of intending to start a blog, I toyed with using it for a third time here, but loads of people are using the name already for different purposes, so a rethink was in order.

As you probably know, Music for Stowaways was a 1981 cassette album for Heaven 17‘s side project B.E.F., and I was lucky enough to pick up an original copy at a record fair in Derby a few years ago. I say lucky – to be honest it’s a pretty awful album, and it’s probably not something we’ll be reviewing here in a hurry, but it’s a bloody good name. Apparently the original name for the Sony Walkman was the Stowaway, which was what inspired them in the first place.

For my part… well, I’m a stowaway. I’ve been living outside the UK for the last few years, and music is one of the things that ties me back to the Motherland. I spend far too much time listening to music, and I’m afraid the whole point of this blog is therefore to allow me to put some of it into words. To be honest, it was that or listen to KROQ, which is fine if you like Nirvana. I don’t.

Oh, and to seal the deal, I decided to fix the album name according to Pet Shop Boys capitalisation rules. So it’s Music for stowaways. Plain and simple.

Incidentally, in case you hadn’t noticed we seem to now be settling into the following pattern:

  • Monday – newbie
  • Tuesday – oldie
  • Wednesday – live
  • Thursday – review
  • Friday – freebie
  • Saturday – catchup
  • Sunday – chart

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