The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Who cares about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Not me. But Rolling Stone Magazine do, and inexplicably they want to put one of my favourite artists into it. So I thought I should try to find out what on earth the Hall of Fame actually is.

Firstly, apparently, it is an actual hall. It’s actually quite an attractive structure by the looks of things, located in Cleveland, Ohio, and was finally opened in 1995, after twelve years of homelessness.

According to its website, the hall contains 279 “inductees”, inducted in 26 ceremonies, and for some reason you can be inducted more than once if you’re in more than one band or manage to sneak in as a solo artist. I don’t think I’ve ever written a sentence with as many uses of the verb “to induct”, especially as I’m not entirely convinced it’s actually a real word.

As with anything related to that ghastly term “rock and roll”, people like you and me are unlikely to have heard of most of the indicators, but here are a few highlights that caught my eye skimming through the list:

  • Abba (2010)
  • Blondie (2006)
  • David Bowie (1996)
  • Genesis (2010)
  • Michael Jackson (2001)
  • Madonna (2008)
  • Pink Floyd (1996)
  • The Police (2003)
  • U2 (2005)

So why am I writing about something so horrifically out of touch as this? Well, because the equally out of touch Rolling Stone Magazine says that we can choose who gets indicted next. Here are your choices:

  • Kraftwerk
  • Donna Summer

OK, strictly speaking, there are some other nominees too, but since you’ve never heard of them you might as well vote for Kraftwerk, or alternatively, as a protest vote, you could prevent them from being cruelly induced by voting for someone else – I’ll leave that up to you. Click here.

3 thoughts on “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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