Gangnam Style – Mr. Blobby

Obviously in this set of posts I’ve been using Gangnam as a synonym for “novelty,” which as I’m sure we all know isn’t really what it means. But it amused me, briefly. Which tends to be what novelty hits do.

This week, the person inside the pink and yellow spotty fat suit is an actor who regularly appeared as a human being on ChuckleVision and by 1993 was appearing on Noel Edmonds‘s TV series Noel’s House Party. The spin-off song came out on the run-up to Christmas, and proceeded to knock Meat Loaf off the top of the charts (a good thing), and even managed to hold onto it for long enough to keep Take That‘s Pray from being Christmas number one! Not having seen the video before, it’s quite an interesting experience. Keep an eye out for Jeremy Clarkson, in one of his less embarrassing roles, and Carol Vorderman also turns up:

Now let’s all go and buy some blobby merchandise…

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