Gangnam Style – Rednex

Gangnam Style is truly an internet phenomenon. There could never have been anything that silly in the days when “online” meant plugging a cable into the wall and “like” had a small L. Right?

Wrong. I’ve postponed an entire series of posts, just to prove you wrong with that theory. Please enjoy the first piece of evidence, Rednex. With their unique brand of lazy but very catchy pop, they conquered the world back in 1994 with a quite dreadful song called Cotton Eye Joe:

The Germans loved them so much that their second single Old Pop in an Oak, which proved that recycling isn’t always a good thing, peaked just short of the top spot; Wish You Were Here scored them a second number one; and their 2000 comeback The Spirit of the Hawk, which actually wasn’t all that bad, was their third chart topper.

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