I Monster – Rare / Remixed

A little bit ahead of time, as they’re not quite out yet, but next week sees the release of not one but two companion albums to I Monster‘s exceptional 2003 album Neveroddoreven.

The first, Rare, features twelve previously unreleased or rare tracks, including Cells, which was on the album originally and then got cunningly hidden before the start on the reissue, Lucifer You’re a Devil, which was tacked on the end, and Resistance is Futile, which was the b-side to Daydream in Blue.

Then Remixed offers fifteen remixes from the singles Daydream in BlueHey Mrs.Who is She? and The Back Seat of My Car. Some of the ones that have been more widely available before are excellent, so you’ll definitely want to be buying a copy of this too.

Available next week soon(?) digitally via iTunes and the like.

Edit: it’s not clear to me what’s happened to this release and the band don’t appear to be answering questions about it. I’ll update when I know more…!

Edit: October 8th apparently. Fingers crossed this time!

Final Edit: For those of you who keep dropping onto this page via Google, I assume you’re looking for download links – so here you go: Rare / Remixed. Note that these albums were released by the artist themselves, and they deserve your support!


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